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Cord Blood


ICBB is the endeavor of many individuals both here in Israel and from around the world. They are all bound with the one aim - of helping save lives.

However, the creation and ongoing work of ICBB would not have happened without the single-minded dedication of its inspirational founder and executive director, Shelly Kapusta.
ICBB’s story is inseparable from Shelly’s own.

1999 Shelly Kapusta is diagnosed with Advanced Leukemia
Shelly receives a fully-matched Bone Marrow stem cell transplant from her sister. She recovers, apart from the side-effects of acute GVHD, and learns about the existence and advantages of Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantations for those patients for whom there is no fully-matched donor.

2004 Israel Cord Blood Bank (ICBB) established
ICBB establishes with Shelly serving as its Chairperson and running its operation single-handed from her home - until today. The first private donations enable the creation of ICBB’s website and the making of a fundraising movie.

2005 First national & international donations received
These private and foundational donations go to growing Israel’s public Cord Blood Bank units.

   ICBB initiates lobby for a Public Cord Blood Bank Law
Together with now Minister of Welfare, Moshe Kachlon, ICBB and Gilad Lobbyists spearhead efforts for a bill that would guarantee government funding of the public Cord Blood banks.

2007 Israel’s Umbilical Cord Blood Law passed by Knesset (Parliament)
July 2007, Israel’s Umbilical Cord Blood Bill is passed into law granting state support for the growth of the public Cord Blood banks by almost 1,000 units a year, and the creation of a statutory framework governing the activities of both public and private cord blood banks. More

2009 First donations received for Scientist Research
Donations continue to grow the Cord Blood Bank Units, and the first donations are passed on for research into the science of Cord Blood carried at Hadassah Medical Center under the supervision of Professor Reuven Or.

2010 Government funds finally reach Israel’s public Cord Blood Banks
As a result of continued ICBB pressure led by the voluntary actions of Goldfinger Communications Ltd., government funding in accordance with the law finally begins to arrive in July 2010, to the sum of almost $1 million.

    ICBB leads the Save Hodaya Campaign

ICBB leads a nationwide campaign to collect cord blood units to save the life of a 24-year old woman. Print and online newspapers, TV and radio all publicize the campaign. Prospective donors are contacted and the maternity wards of 16 medical centers across the country are activated. Staff collects units that are processed, tested and stored by Bedomaich Chayi, MDA (Magen David Adom) and the Hadassah Medical Center. This is the first time so many organizations cooperate together to save a single life. More

    Shelly Kapusta receives President’s Award for Volunteers
For her unceasing work in ICBB, Shelly is recognized by the Israel Organization of Volunteers and receives the President’s Award for Volunteers from Shimon Peres. More

2011 ICBB receives the ‘Shield of Excellence, 2010’ from Israel’s Ministry of Health
For its initiation and coordination of the Save Hodaya Campaign, and its ongoing contribution to the promotion health in Israel, ICBB receives the Ministry of Health’s Shield of Excellence award. More