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Cord Blood

Vision & Goals


For all patients in need of life-saving stem cell transplantations to have immediate access to genetically suitable umbilical cord blood units for such a stem cell transplant.

To this end ICBB

  • Supports the growth of the number of cord blood units in Israel’s Public Cord Blood Banks
  • Supports ongoing scientific research into the wider, more effective use of umbilical cord blood for stem cell transplantations
  • Leads specific campaigns for the identifcation and collection of suitable cord blood units for ethnic minority patients in Israel or among the Jewish people worldwide unrepresented in the bone marrow donor worldwide registries

Founded in 2004, ICBB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the coordination of all activities related to an Israeli public Cord Blood program reflecting the Jewish genetic and worldwide minority profile.

ICBB is an umbrella organization which transcends individual public Cord Blood banks in Israel and focuses on long term cooperation between all such banks for the good of every patient in need of a Stem Cell transplant regardless of race or religion, gender, color or creed.

ICBB is itself not a Cord Blood Bank, nor does it collect, test or store Cord Blood units or maintain its own registry. It does however support bodies that do such work.


  • To assist patients in need of stem cell transplants and their families, in multiple ways: through information, moral, physical and financial support, and more.
  • To increase the number of units in Israel’s public Cord Blood Banks
  • To raise public awareness of the importance of Israel’s public Cord Blood Banks and their function in saving people’s lives
  • To support the ongoing scientific research into Umbilical Cord Stem Cell biology – particularly the possible future use of Cord Blood Stem Cells in treatment of additional diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and more
  • To actively promote governmental, foundational and private funding for such activities
  • To help develop international scientific ties with neighboring countries in the Middle East to promote the collection and use of Cord Blood units for transplant among Semitic patients who share many characters of their genetic fingerprints.