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Cord Blood


1. Fund Raising
ICBB works continuously to raise money from both the Israeli government and through private donations from organizations and individuals in Israel and around the world.
This money supports all ICBB goals, first and foremost the growth of Israel’s public Cord Blood banks This is crucial since the majority of Israel’s mothers readily agree to donate the cord blood from their child’s birth, and the only obstacle to the growth of the public banks is the $1,400 needed to collect, examine, register and store each Cord Blood unit.
Donations are also directed to the scientific research and development into the more effective use of Cord Blood Stem Cells in the treatment of an increasingly wide range of diseases.

2. The Cord Blood Law
ICBB, together with Government Minister, Moshe Kachlon, spearheaded the passing into law in 2007 of Israel’s commitment to designate government funds to the growth of public Cord Blood Banks. The law placed Israel at the forefront of a statutory framework of rules and regulations for Cord Blood collection, processing and preservation by both public and private cord blood banks, according to the most stringent international standards.
In addition, ICBB’s director Shelly Kapusta was invited by the Ministry of Health to sit on the committee that has been created to determine the required size and ethnic composition of Israel’s public Cord Blood bank.

3. Patients and their families
ICBB devotes much of time to be with patients and their families, offering support in the difficult moments of being faced with a life threatening disease. ICBB helps them understand the diagnosis in layman’s language, provides them with information about what the different courses of treatment being offered actually mean, and helps by simply ‘being there’ with both emotional support and the experience of those who has been through a similar situation.

4. Special Campaigns
For patients from specific ethnic backgrounds unrepresented in Israel’s or in the world’s registries of Bone Marrow donors and Cord Blood banks, ICBB leads nationwide media campaigns to identify genetically suitable pregnant mothers willing to donate the Cord Blood from their imminent births. Such was the case with the Hodaya Campaign. ICBB coordinates the activities of all the parties involved in the collection, transportation, testing and storage, including the parents, maternity hospitals, Cord Blood Banks and Hadassah Medical Center Registry.

5. Coordination between medical facilities, professionals and cord blood banks
ICBB works to save lives now through the use of existing technologies, and the research and development into possible new cord blood stem cell use in the treatment of other diseases. ICBB supports the joint endeavor of all medical institutions, professionals and the public cord blood banks in Israel and abroad who share this quest. Thus we support the pooling of research, information and practical experience, resources, manpower, intelligence, know-how etc … everything that will help lives to be saved.

6. The ICBB Website – information at everyone’s fingertips
Whether for expecting mothers wishing to donate the cord blood of their soon to be born child or for the person newly diagnosed with a life-threatening disease in search of a potential donor or to understand their recommended treatment, the ICBB website exists to provide accurate, updated information to help everyone make their best informed decisions.

Over the past eight years, all these activities have been translated into practical action through thousands of hours of voluntary work towards their realization.
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